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LCI01-MDHQ-PN03   'Proud to Serve' Baseball Cap
LCI01-MDHQ-PN04   'Proud to Serve' Handbag Holder
LCI01-MDHQ-PN01   'Proud to Serve' Ladies Scarves
LCI01-MDHQ-PN05   'Proud To Serve' Trolley Token
LCI-MDHQ-PA1718   100% Attendance Pin
LCI01-MDHQ-PA1516   100% Attendance Pin 2015-16
LCI01-MDHQ-PA1617   100% Attendance Pin 2016-17
MDC13   12" Mat Centennial Decal
MD012   12" Mat Decal
LCI-MDHQ-A2   2" Logo Applique
ConvPin01   4. Convention Pin
LCI-MDHQ-A5DC   5" Embroidered Die Cut Emblem
TRS359   All Purpose Plaque - 6 x 8 inch
LCI--A1240   Anniversary Patch
S271   Ask 1 Button
LCI01-MDHQ-G22   Award Achievement Medal
LCI01-MDHQ-G969   Award Bar - 3 Bar
LCI01-MDHQ-G970   Award Bar - 5 Bar
LCI-MDHQ-M1DC2   Award District Chairperson
LCI01-MDHQ-G125G   Award District Governor Appreciation
LCI01-MDHQ-G168   Award President
LCI01-MDHQ-M1RC2   Award Region Chairperson
LCI01-MDHQ-G203   Award Ribbons
LCI01-MDHQ-G194   Award Ribbons (Blue & Yellow)
LCI01-MDHQ-G125S   Award Secretary
LCI01-MDHQG125T   Award Treasurer
LCI01-MDHQ-M1ZC2   Award Zone Chairperson
Cent-A12100   Badge 100 Years Anniversary
Badge---Blazer-LCI01-A5   Badge- Blazer 5" Circular Embroided
Badge-Blazer-LCI01-A3   Badge-Blazer 3"Circular Embroided
Cent62   Bag Capri Tote Centennial
Cent67   Bag Metallic Tote Centennial
Cent21   Balloons Centennial
LCI01-MDHQ-D37   Balloons with Logo
BBall01-0001   Banquet & Ball - Saturday 7th May 2016 - 1
LCI01-MDHQ-MD18   Bars Gold and Silver
LCI-MDHQ-G1675   Black Embroidered Logo Luggage Tab
LCI-MDHQ-G1613   Black Flower
LCI01-MDHQ-MD27   Blazer Badge - Magnetic Lion Logo
JEWELLERY-LCI01-G1739   Blue Beadforlife Bracelet & Earring Set
LCI01-MDHQ-G1612   Blue Heart Bow Pin
MDHQ1   Blue Logo Cap
LCI01-MDHQ-G32   Bow Knot Pin - Gold
LCI01-MDHQ-G586   Butterfly Pin
Cent50   Button Badge Centennial
CERTIFICATE-LCI01-S65   Certificate of Appreciation
CERTIFICATE-LCI01-S41   Certificate of Service
LCI01-MDHQ-S202   Certificate Presentation Folder
LCI01-MDHQ-MC10   Chevrons Monarch
CHEVRON-CHARTER-LCI01-CMC   Chevrons-Charter
LCI01-MDHQ-S7G   Club Gavel only
LCI01-MDHQ-S5G   Club Gong Large
LCI01-MDHQ   Club Presentation Cheques
CentUK6   Coasters Centennial Project
Cent100   Coin Centennial Commemorative Silver Dollar
TRS266CC2-   Committee Chairperson - 8 x 10 inch
JEWELLERY-LCI01-G140   Crown Pin
JEWELLERY-LCI01-G1078   Cuff Links with Lions Logo
JEWELLERY-LCI01-G508   Curved Pin
LCI01-MDHQ-D135   Decal 12"
CentUK2   Decal 12" Centennial
LCI01-MDHQ-D143   Decal 12"Magnetic
LCI01-MDHQ-D3   Decal 3"
CentUK1   Decal 3" Centennial
MDHQ6SD   Decal 6"
CentUK4   Decal 6" Centennial
LCI01-MDHQ-D142   Decal 6"Magnetic
CENT-D177   Decal Centennial
CentUK3   Decals on Sheet Centennial Stickers
PR08   Diabetes
LCI01-MDHQ-MIAB004   Display Carton - Message in a Bottle
LCI01-MDHQ-G682   Double Heart Pin
LCI01-MDHQ-G1609   Dragonfly Brooch
LCI01-MDHQ-G1133   Earings with Logo
LCI01-G1693   Executive Journal Book
LCI01-MDHQ-D12   Fan Drape
FLAG-LCI01-D105   Flag - Indoor Lions Logo
FLAG-LCI01-D1250   Flag - Outdoor International Lions Logo
JEWELLERY-LCI01-G1709   Flower Pin
LCI01-MDHQ-G1174DS   Glasses Recycling Box
JEWELLERY-LCI01-G1521   Gold Leaf Pin
LCI01-G1711   Gold Tone/Blue Cufflinks
JEWELLERY-LCI01-G791   Heart Necklace
LCI01-MDHQ-JHV   High Viz Jackets (Pink or Yellow)
Jewellery-LCI01-G1710   Hummingbird Pin
LCI01-MDHQ-G1502   Keyring Silver Lions Logo
B23B   Kindness Matters Pin
B23G   Kindness Matters Pin
LCI01-MDHQ-B2   Lapel Pin
LCI01-MDHQ-B12   Lapel Pin - Mini
LCI01-MDHQ-B1P   Lapel Pins
Tote01   Large Tote Bag
PR04   Leo
LeoCI-LANMN10   Leo Alpha New Member Kit
LeoA1   Leo Club Alpha Lapel Pin
Leo32F   Leo Flag
L9P   Leo President Pin
L9S   Leo Secretary Pin
TRS266LY   Lion Of The Year - 8 x 10 inch
B19   Lion of the Year Pin
MD16   Lions Congratulations Card
MD15   Lions In Sympathy Card
PR15   Lions Membership Poster - White
PR14   Lions Membership Poster - Yellow
PW01   Lions Multiple District Engraved Glass Paper Weight
LCI01-MDHQ-MD09   Lions Story on DVD
MD14   Lions Thank You Card
LCI-A513   Lions Winter Scarf
LIONS900   Lions Wrist Band
PR-1   Making A Difference
PR10   Making a Difference - Blank
LCI01-MDHQ-MD07   Medal Leo President
LCI01-MDHQ-MD06   Medal Lion President (Ribbon not included)
LCI01-MDHQ-MD12   Medal Past President
JEWELLERY-LCI01-G732   Medallion-Emblem
LCI01-MDHQ-MIAB11   Message in a Bottle Pin
LCI01-MDHQ-MIAB10   Message in a Bottle Stickers - Roll
MIAB04   Message in a Bottle Trifold Leaflets - Packs of 100 - GBP 9.00
LCI01-MDHQ-A25   Money Apron
CentUK7   Mousemat Centennial
JEWELLERY-LCI01-G1620   Multi Coloured Butterfly
LCI-MDHQ-G687   Music clef
LCI-MDHQ-G1340   Necklace and Earrings set
Cent42   Notebook Set of 3 A5 Centennial
LCI01-MDHQ-D14S   Panel Drape
Cent30   Patch Deluxe Centennial
CENT15   Patch-Centennial Woven Emblem
LCI-MDHQ-MD29   Peace Poster Cards
PR20   Peace Poster Competition
LCI01-MDHQ-MD22   Pin - I See What You're Saying
Cent17M   Pin - Mini Centennial Gold Tone
CENT17   Pin - Pierced Centennial Lapel Gold Tone
LC101-MDHQ-PA1415   Pin 100% Attendance 2014 2015
CENT16   Pin Centennial Lapel
LCI01-MDHQ-S220   Pin Holder Badges
BLING01   Pin Lions Bling
LCI01-MDHQ-PA   Pin Long Attendance
Cent18M   Pin Mini Centennial - Silver Tone
G1800GM   Pin Mini Service Excellence
G1800SM   Pin Mini Service Excellence
CENT18   Pin Pierced Centennial Lapel - Silver Tone
G1800G   Pin Service Excellence
G1800S   Pin Service Excellence
B18P   Pin Small Past President
BLING02   Pin WE SERVE Bling
G1810G   Pin Women in Lions
G1810S   Pin Women in Lions
LCI-MDHQ-B14-PDG   Pin- Past District Governor
LCI01-MDHQ-S68   Place Cards
LCI01-MDHQ-S67   Place Mats
G702   Plaque All Purpose Plaque - 7 x 9 inch
G700P   Plaque President Appreciation Award - 7 x 9 inch
G2025PADS   Plaque Presidents Appreciation Award - 6 x 8 inch
G700T   Plaque Treasure Appreciation Award - 7 x 9 inch
LCI01-G1700   Plush Lion Toy
PR11   Pride in the Community - Blank
LCI01-MDHQ-D16   Pulldown Drape
B20   Ribbon Pin
LCI01-MDHQ-MD15   Ribbons
LCI01-MDHQ-G931   Rose Pin
CENT6   Scarf Grey Centennial Ladies
TRS266S   Secretary Plaque - 8 x 10 inch
LCI-MDHQ-S89   Serviettes
PR07   Sight
JEWELLERY-LCI01-G120   Silver Bow Knot Pin
LCI01-MDHQ-G1611   Silver Butterfly Pin
LCI01-MDHQ-G1341   Silver Heart Pin
LCI01-MDHQ-G1610   Silver Rose Pin
LCI01-G1711S   Silver Tone/Blue Cufflinks
CENT34   Stick Pin Centennial
LCI01-MDHQ-MD03   Sticker for Cars
LCI01-MDHQ-MD03-0001   Sticker for Cars - Charter Member
LCI01-MDHQ-MD03-0002   Sticker for Cars - Member
LCI01-MDHQ-MD03-0005   Sticker for Cars - PDG
LCI01-MDHQ-MIAB07   Stickers - Message in a Bottle
LCI01-MDHQ-MD05   Stickers for Collection Tin
LCI01-MDHQ-MD10   Stickers Lion Logo x24 per sheet
LCI01-MDHQ-MD14   Stickers X 500 'Thank You For Your Help'
LCI01-MDHQ-G529   Sunburst Pin
Cent19   Tab Centennial Anniversary
S93   Table Cover
Cent22   Table Cover Centennial
LCI01-MDHQ-G108   Tail Twister Fine Bank
TRS266TT   Tail Twister Plaque - 8 x 10 inch
LCI01-MDHQ-A316   Tie Black 'We Serve'
LCI01-MDHQ-A110   Tie Gold Emblem
LCI01-MDHQ-A173   Tie Multi Logo
LCI01-MDHQ-A251   Tie Silk Logo
LCI01-MDHQ-141B   Tie-Navy
TRS266T   Treasurer Plaque - 8 x 10 inch
LCI01-MDHQ-G1125   Umbrella - Lions Logo
LCI-MDHQ-G783   White Logo Luggage Tag
PR16   Who Are Lions Membership Poster
LCI01-MDHQ-MD24   Window Transfers
PR06   Young Ambassadors
PR05   Young Leaders In Service
PR09   Young Leaders In Service - Log Books
PR12   Youth Exchnage

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